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Moon Maiden Statue by Mythic Images

Young Diana for Love, Hunting, Courage and Change.
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Moon Maiden Statue
by Oberon Zell, Mythic Images©

Moon Maiden: Young Diana by Oberon Zell, Mythic Image measures 5 3/4 inches tall.

"Oh Holy Maiden of the kindling quick; Of merging mist and mazing echo; Evoe Kore!” ~Fred Adams

Sister to Apollo and one of the three Goddess in Olympos whose heart was never touched by Aphrodite (the Goddess of Love), Artemis loves hunting, archery, and the harp with its dances and songs.

Artemis hunts the wild boar, surrounded by a company of maidens who attend her. Artemis has been known for seeming to be a hard-hearted Goddess, who takes swift action on what she feels is a slight or an act of unconsciousness against her divine person.

This depiction of the young Moon Maiden speaks of a more gentle, carefree Goddess, driven by youthful exuberance and the love of all her forest creatures. She knows that the flow of the tides and the care of the Moon depend on her. In her Silver Chariot with two white horses she drives across the night sky, borrowing the light of her brother Apollo as she makes her circuits around the world.

They say the Silver Chariot and the white horses used to belong to a Titaness named Selene who shared the skies with her brother Helios. But with the Olympian Family takeover, Artemis and Apollo became the drivers of the Chariots of Night and Day.

There was always this youthful tension between brother and sister. Whenever Apollo would succeed at an achievement, Artemis felt she needed to at least match her brotherメs level of success, in order to secure her place among the heavens.

The Moon has three different phases, speaking astrologically and archetypically: the Maiden Moon or Silver Crescent bow (Artemis); the Harvest or Mother Moon (Demeter); and the Dark or Crone Moon (Hecate).

The archetypal forces of the young have many faces maidenhood, virginity, new buds, perpetual flowering, courage without fear, wonder, will, radiance of being, untapped power, undiscovered country, and the willingness and ability to change instantly. One of those faces is the Moon Maiden. Also the archetypal tom boy of the present day; she runs with her forest animals and dances in the brooks and streams. She rides her dirt bike, she roller blades, kick boxes, and runs faster then most of the boys. Girls of this age are all at once invincible, as delicate as a flower, and nothing is beyond their reach.
~Wynter Rose Stiles

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