Moon Ritual Votive

Moon Ritual Votive

Handmade with Essential Oils in two layers for your Moon Celebrations and Rituals.

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The Moon Ritual Votive to Celebrate The Full Moon, New Moon, Waning Moon and/or Waxing Moon.

Handmade in a ritual setting exclusively for 13 Moons' customers!


  • Celebrate the Moon's Energy
  • Made with Quality Oils
  • Crafted in Two Layers/Two colors
  • White Layer is a blend of Rosemary and Frankincense Essential Oils
  • Black Layer is a blend of Basil and Patchouli Essential Oils

New Moon/Dark Moon: For rituals involving journeys into the inner self. Grow with the moon for new beginnings, many possibilities, fresh starts and intentions to be fulfilled by Full Moon.

Waxing Moon: (Increasing to Full): For growth, new ideas and projects. For practical magick such as health, luck and love.

Full Moon: For manifesting your spells you started in the New Moon. Also for passion, visions, divination, dreams, healing, power, and strength. 

Waning Moon: (Decreasing to New): Banish negatives and evils, Remove hexes and "road" blocks to clear the path for your intentions. Get rid of old to bring in new. 

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