The Morrigan and Raven

The Morrigan and Raven

Fly Forth with the Raven Goddess' Powers
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Morrigan Holding Raven and Celtic Cross

The Morrigan is a battle goddess and foretells the fates of warriors. She is also associated with the folklore of the banshee. In this depiction she is adorned with a black feather and a red jewel. Morrigan is an amazing shapeshifter. With the Raven she often becomes the Raven and flies forth with her powers. She is the source of life giving, death and transformation, regeneration and renewing. She holds a raven or Badb- one of her most recognizable forms- and a celtic cross.

This statue measures approximately 3 inches tall and is made of natural gypsum cement. She is a brown clay color and has a light dusting of gold over her finish.


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