Mystic Aura Statue

by Anne Stokes

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Anne Stokes

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My heart races when I receive an order from this company! I can't wait to open the packaging. It's like getting a gift from a family member. Each product is hand wrapped and the paperwork is hand signed with a charm or charms! I love each item I receive. Great customer service also. I will always recommend this company to others! Thank you 13moons for all you do! Blessed be!
Traci Eubanks
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Mystic Aura Fairy Statue
by Anne Stokes

From the enchanted imagination of world-famous gothic and fantasy artist Anne Stokes, this fantastic fairy figurine is exclusively available as part of nemesis Now’s Premium high-quality wholesale fantasy giftware collection.

Barefoot on a forest floor she slowly walks forwards, this fairy’s long green dress hangs down to the floor, trimmed with gold. In her left hand she holds a purple rose, matching her delicate purple wings that are outstretched behind her, and in her right she has a crystal ball. Blue butterflies fly about her, one settling on the crystal, and a delicate gold chain sits above her hair, holding a pentagram on her forehead. More purple roses sit in her long blue hair as she holds your gaze, calm and unafraid. Anne's infamous dragon emblem adorns the top of her dress accented by two necklaces.

Cast in top-quality resin before being expertly hand-painted, this enchanting figurine radiates an aura of calm and magic. She measures 9 1/4 inches tall.

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