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New Vision Premium Tarot

By Lo Scarabeo, Pietro Alligo & Raul Cestaro

Make your next reading one to remember...
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Lo Scarabeo

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My heart races when I receive an order from this company! I can't wait to open the packaging. It's like getting a gift from a family member. Each product is hand wrapped and the paperwork is hand signed with a charm or charms! I love each item I receive. Great customer service also. I will always recommend this company to others! Thank you 13moons for all you do! Blessed be!
Traci Eubanks
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New Vision Tarot
By Lo Scarabeo, Pietro Alligo and Raul Cestaro

With the best quality cardstock and an elegant metallic foil hardbox, this bestselling tarot deck from Lo Scarabeo with Italian artists, Pietro Alligo and Raul Cestaro, is now available in a premium professional package. Each deck includes an extended color booklet and is sure to make your next reading one to remember forever.

Discover the hidden secrets of this popular Rider-Waite deck. Peek behind these well-known images and see what was, until now, just out of sight. What would the woman in the Two of Swords see if she took off her blindfold? Ever imagine someone or something behind the mysterious High Priestess? Change your perspective, add depth to your readings, and satisfy your curiosity.

Tarot Package measures 5 x 3 x 2 inches.