Nightshadow Athame

Nightshadow Athame

An stunning athame at an amazing price!

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The Nightshadow Athame
with Scabbard

Traditionally this ritual tool is called a scimitar because of its curved blade. We felt it would make an awesome athame. It is a smaller size so it is easier to handle for those looking for a shorter blade length.

The Nightshadow Athame has a textured black handle with an antique gold metal finish on the pommel and the hilt. Complimenting the athame is a matching scabbard which protects the blade. This athame is accenting with beautiful and intricate scroll-work on the pommel, hilt, scabbard, as well as the stainless steel blade. It is an amazing addition to your altar supplies.


  • Textured black grip
  • Antique gold metal finish on pommel, hilt, and scabbard
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Detailed scroll-work
  • Measures approximately 7 inches (17.78 cm) and 12.75 inches (32.39 cm) overall including the scabbard

Please Note: No Shipment of Athame to Spain, UK, Australia, Italy, France, Greece, Chile, or Brazil. Customs will remove all blades from your package.

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