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Northern Knot Necklace

For Happy Love & Friendship
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I *love* this store! I have been shopping with them for years. Their products are quality, their staff is really wonderful, and everything arrives on time. They write kind notes on my packing slips every time. It's so nice to know real human beings are putting your order together with care (as opposed to a factory/corporate setting). Honestly, everything I've ever needed, they sold, and it never breaks the bank to buy it. I even get my holiday cards here! Genuinely good karma all around 13moons! <|:-)
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Northern Knot from the The Trove Of Valhalla Collection

An ancient symbol from the Trove Of Valhalla Collection.
The winding knot represents both the complexity of the self and the binding of relationships in an endless pattern.
Wear or Carry for Happy Love and Friendship.
Made of pewter and provided with a chain. Approximate size: 3/4 x 1 inch.

By way of background, the Viking civilization flourished during 700 AD to 1,000 AD throughout northern Europe. Artists and craftsmen, working in gold, copper, silver and bronze, evolved a distinctive design style in which strands are plaited and interlaced with animal-like creatures. The Vikings concealed hoards of ornaments and silver believing that what was buried would be enjoyed in the afterlife. Through archaeological finds of treasure-trove, we can experience the wonders of the Viking age, which have been re-created in a unique assortment of pendants.