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Oak Power Wand With Light Green Point

Oak Power Wand With Light Green Point

by Abby Willowroot

The mighty oak a powerful symbol. Limited Supply
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Oak Leaf Power Wand
By Abby Willowroot

The Oak Leaf Power Wand is ornamented with beautiful oak leaf art and your choice of point. Each wand is cleansed and blessed as part of its creation.
This wand combines the energy of sacred groves and ancient forests. Acorns and Oak Trees, sacred to the Druids, are a symbol of prosperity, power, strength, wisdom, sacred knowledge, earth and the miracles of nature's cycles. The acorn is deemed to be a good luck symbol.

Please Note: Photo shows the assortment which are available. This is a purchase for light green crystal point.

The mighty oak is known for its size and longevity, making it a powerful symbol of stability and strength. The four colors that oak leaves take throughout the year symbolize the seasons of life.

Abby's Oak Power Wand can be used for working with luck or protection spells. It serves as a reminder of our sacred obligations to protect the environment – a reminder of our stability and strength of our perseverance.

Wand Measures 8 inches.

Made in Abby's Studio here in the U.S. of 100% fine Lead-Free Pewter with a light green crystal point.


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