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Olivewood Boline - DAMAGE SALE

Olivewood Boline - DAMAGE SALE

Finely Handcrafted Wiccan/Witchcraft Blades for your ultimate Altar Tools
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Olivewood Athame and Boline Set with Olivewood

These blades have damage due to shipping. All blades have various types of damage. Damage will include: scratches on blades, small dings on blades and or handles as well as some minor damage to sheaths.
The damage to these blades is mostly minor and will not effect the use in any large way.

Note: no returns, refunds or exchanged for this item.

A Boline commonly has a curved blade and is used for physical purposes such as harvesting herbs or cutting items in spell work.

Boline Features

  • Curved sickle style (cresent) blade
  • Hand Forged Stainless Steel Blade
  • Crescent shaped steel pomel
  • Handmade and polished Olivewood handle
  • Fitted handmade Leather Sheath with Belt Loop
  • Each Sheath is Exclusive to the individual Boline
  • Measures approximately 12 1/2 inches in length
  • No two identical: This will be your unique, personal boline

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