Osiris Statue

Egyptian God of Life, Love, The Dead and more.
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Egyptian Osiris

In ancient Egypt Osiris was the God of the afterlife and rebirth. His brother Seth (Set) cut him into pieces out of jealousy. His wife, the great Isis, resurrected him and bore his son Horus. Osiris was associated with the cycles seen in nature, such as the life of vegetation and the annual flooding of the Nile. These reminders of Osiris gave his people the hope for a rebirth after death.

This statue replaces Osiris' usual green skin with an entirely gold body accented by bright reds and greens. He wears his traditional Atef crown and holds the crook and flail. In ancient Egypt the crook represented kingship and the flail was a symbol of fertility of the land. His legs are wrapped in mummy cloths after Isis used them to hold his severed limbs together. This statue has small, beautiful detail in the god's face and his garments. The pedestal he stands upon is covered in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Add this unique piece to your home or altar today!

Key Features

  • Resin Statue
  • 8 ½ inches tall x 1 ¾ inches wide

Known As God/Lord of:

  • Love
  • Youth
  • The Underworld
  • Life
  • The Dead
  • Silence
  • Vegetation

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