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Oya 7 Day 7 Color Candle

Oya 7 Day 7 Color Candle

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Orisha 7 Day Oya Candle

7 color candle represents Orisha Oya.
Candle burns approximately 120 hours
Candle measures 2 1/2 inches wide x 8 1/8 inches tall

Trim wick to 1/4 inch to enable better burning quality and time.

Oya is the Goddess of cemeteries. Using her machete or sword of truth, she cuts through stagnation and clears the way for new growth.

Associated with: Our Lady of Candlemas
Feast Day: February 9
Day of the Week: Friday
Color: Her main color is wine/burgundy; but all colors are appropriate except black.

Please Note: Screen print may vary from photo.


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