Oya Transform Statue

Oya Transform Statue

Great Lady of Transformation, Wind & Storms

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Oya for Transformation
Lady of Wind, Storm & Change

Oya is the Orisha of the Winds of Change. She will help you send the tempest to blow away problems and let the new and fresh come in. She embodies the gentle breeze and the raging winds and the lightening. With her powers and whisk she clears your path for a new life.

She the Goddess of Cemeteries; Oya watches over the dead as they go forth to the underworld. There Oya helps make the transition to a new life.

We all go through times of change and Oya will take your hand and help you transform. Using her machete or sword of truth, she cuts through stagnation and clears the way for new growth. Her motherly strength inspires us to embrace change and learn from it.

With the winds, Oya stands strong, head up and going forth with lightning and power with her. From her lovely earrings, colorful bead necklace, flowing dress and sashes, the details are fantastic in your Oya Statue

  • Feast Day: February 2, Imbolc
  • Month: The whole month of February
  • Day of the Week: Friday
  • Color: Her main color is burgundy/purple
  • Metal: Copper
  • Offerings: Wine, Eggplant, Coins & Cloth

She stands approximately 8 3/4 inches tall. Crafted of cold cast bronze resin (bronze powder in quality resin) and has handpainted details and highlights.


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