Palo Santo Resin

Palo Santo Resin

Calming, Clearing & Purifying
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Good Earth Scents - Resin Incense
Palo Santo

Palo Santo, Spanish for “Holy Wood”, is an aromatic wood that has been used for thousands of years as a healing incense. Palo Santo Resin is made from the essence found in the wood and has a citrus aroma with underlying hints of frankincense.

Burning Palo Santo has been used by Shamans and the ancient Incas as a spiritual remedy, for purifying, and cleansing. Use for incense, in rituals, sachets and for Spiritual/Magick work.

Magickal Uses:


  • Calming and Soothing
  • Clears Negative Energy
  • Spiritual Purification
  • Helps Banish Stress and Anxiety
  • Creativity Enhancer
  • Spiritual Connection Intensifier
  • Meditation Aid

To Use: Light Charcoal, place in flameproof container, place a bit of resin on charcoal. Add more as needed.

Resin Incenses are the original incense of temples, churches and ancient rites and have been used all over the world for thousands of years.

This product contains one ounce of Palo Santo Resin Incense.


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