Pan Pendant for Spirituality

by Briar

Spirituality from the Forest God
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I am always so pleased every time I order from you! The quickness with which you ship is astounding! I placed my order on Friday and received my package on Monday! The quality of the products (the herbs, the gemstones, the oils) are second to none! You are my favorite place to shop! Blessed Be!
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Horned Pan Pendant in Satin Bag with Chain
for Spirituality
From Briar's Bestiary Collection

Pan, the companion of the nymphs, is the God of:

  • The Wild
  • Shepherds
  • Flocks
  • Nature
  • Mountain Wilds
  • Rustic Music

Bestiary Pendants are made of Zinc Alloy, and some are accented with crystals as shown here in the Pan photo. Each includes a chain and is secured in a satin pouch with an info card of the pendant's meaning. Each measures approximately 1 3/4 inches.

The Greek God Pan is perhaps the most familiar form of the Horned God/Wild Man.

He was the goat-hooved and lusty king of the Arcadian forest, the original Horned One. His Neolithic cult was later subsumed in the ecstatic wine-rituals of Dionysian Greece. The first tragedy (in Greek-tragoidos meaning "goat song") told the sacred story of his death and resurrection. Pan is the quintessential woodland god, demonized by the Church to diminish his powerful influence upon rural folk across Europe.

In Greek religion and mythology, Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds and rustic music, and companion of the nymphs. With his homeland in rustic Arcadia, he is also recognized as the god of fields, groves, and wooded glens; because of this, Pan is connected to fertility and the season of spring.

Briar Bestiary Collection:

Originating in the ancient world, Bestiaries were made popular in the Middle Ages. Illustrated volumes described various real or imaginary animals, often having symbolic significance and accompanied by a moral lesson.

Our Briar Bestiary collection portrays some of the world’s favorite representations, and brings them to life in beautiful pendants. Each pendant is made from allergen-free zinc alloy, and some have crystal embellishments.

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Very HappyReview by C.
What a great little pendant! While the chain isn't much to write home about, the pendant itself is nicely crafted--especially for the modest price--and makes me smile whenever I look at it. The pamphlet included with it from Briar Bestiary includes several other pendants that I'd love to purchase. I hope 13 Moons gets more in stock in the future. I'm very happy with this purchase, as usual.Thanks! (Posted on 12/19/2018)

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