Pan Playing Flute

Pan Playing Flute

Greek God of the Wyld Wood
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Horned Pan playing his flute seated on forest tree.

The Greek God Pan is perhaps the most familiar form of the Horned God/Wild Man.

Pan was the goat-hooved and lusty king of the Arcadian forest, the original Horned One. His Neolithic cult was later subsumed in the ecstatic wine-rituals of Dionysian Greece. This seated representation shows the god horned and seated upon a rock. The first tragedy (in Greek-tragoidos meaning "goat song") told the sacred story of his death and resurrection. Pan is the quintessential woodland god, demonized by the Church to diminish his powerful influence upon rural folk across Europe

The Pan Statue is approximately 9.5 inches tall x 6.5 inches x 5.875 inches and is cast in cold cast bronze with handpainted details.

Cold Cast Bronze is a unique technique where actual bronze powder is incorporated with polyresin. This combination gives you a sophisticated look for your statue similar to a gallery piece Your statue will retain a beautiful sheen of bronze at an affordable price.

The half goat, half man, Pan, is the son of Hermes and the nymph Dryope. He is a god of creativity, music, sensuality and sexuality. He loves wine and is ready for all physical pleasures. 


  • Crafted by Master Artisans
  • Cold Cast Bronze Technique - Quality Designer Resin
  • Detailed Finishing of Handpainted Highlights
  • 9.5 x 6.5 x 5.875 inches
  • Felt bottom to protect your table
  • Gift Boxed

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