Pentacle Incense Box Burner

Pentacle Incense Box Burner

Burn Multiple Incenses and Store Your Stick Incense

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Wooden Box Burner
With Pentacle Brass Inlay

Store and Burn Your Stick Incense as well as Cone Incense

The Pentacle Incense Storage Box and Burner is cleverly designed. You are able to store your incense inside as well as use it for burning stick or cone incenses. Crafted of wood with a hinged lid, brass inlay Pentacles accent both sides. Each corner is finished with brass decoration giving you a very stylish box burner.  

You will love the secret "hidden" door on the end which opens to easily store your incense sticks. When you open the lid, you will see there are two metal cup holders for cone incense and on each end a small hole has been drilled to hold your stick incense. 

You are able to burn multiple incenses creating your personal unique meditative blend or burn only your favorite cone or stick. Place your incense inside, light, close lid to allow the aroma to sift through the holes on top.

Measures approximately 12 inches long x 2 1/2 inches.

Each is handmade in India, please allow for slight variances from photos.


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