Pentacle Pendant

Simple Pentagram Necklace to wear or display or Place on Charm Bag.

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Once again no disappointment here. I ordered shungite, citrine, and wire cages. My cat was right there as I opened it, and once everything was unpacked she gently placed her precious little paw over some of the citrine stones as if to say "mine". As always I am very pleased with everything and hope to place another order soon.
Ann MaYO
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Pentagram Pendant

13 Moons Pentagram Pendant with cord. Wear as necklace or tie to charm bag or hang in favorite space. Simple design, made in the U.S. and at a great price!

Each measures approximately 1 5/8 inches and includes a cord.

The pentagram is a timeless symbol most widely accepted as a representation of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, ruled and united by spirit or divinity.

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