Pentacle Twisty Power Wand

Pentacle Twisty Power Wand

by Abby Willowroot

Cleansed and Blessed after Hand Crafted - Ready for your Ritual Use.
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Pentacle Twisty Power Wand
by Abby Willowroot ~ Real Magic Wands

A unique twist on the original Pentacle Power Wand! No two are the same. The five pointed star within a circle makes this another great Witchy Wand from Abby!

Calling forth the ancient mysteries of the wise-women and healers of earlier times and is filled with the energies of community and tradition. The pentacle, often called "the witch's star" is a universally recognized symbol for those who "Do as they will and harm none". The textures on this wand are a representation of time and space, mysterious, infinite, and ever changing. Life is both rough and smooth, as are the textures of this new Twisty Design Wand.

This wand measures Approximately 8".

These elegant and simple Power Wands shimmer with energy. Each one is cleansed and blessed as part of its creation. They are beautifully crafted in lead free pewter. The point on each Wand is a fine quality Austrian crystal point.

The Pentacle Twisty Power Wand is a special order and will ship from Willowroot's Studio separate from any other items you may have purchased. Shipping Cost is included in the price.


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