Celtic Pentacle Clay Bottle

Celtic Pentacle Clay Bottle

Functional clay bottle featuring a Pentacle with Celtic art. Great Price - Great Gift!
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Celtic Pentagram Bottle

Ancient symbols are bestowed upon this oil bottle which is high fired giving it the lovely antiqued, rustic appearance. The interwoven Pentagram within an elaborate Celtic design gives you a very unique bottle for oils, spells, fairy dust, spell powders and more.

The personalized quality and the mystical symbols sculpted into its surface gives you a wonderful vessel for your oils and perfumes. Crafted after an old fashioned style jug, the "handles" on each side allow you to add a cord to wear the pendant close to your heart. Each bottle is high fired giving it the lovely antiqued, rustic appearance you see in the photo.

Each bottle measures approximately 2 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide. Photo is enlarged to show detail. Each hand crafted bottle will vary slightly from the photo.

Each bottle includes a 36 inch black cord.

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