Dragon and Phoenix Magnetic Bracelet

Dragon and Phoenix Magnetic Bracelet

For Love, Harmony & More

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The Dragon & Phoenix Copper Magnet Bracelet

The Dragon and Phoenix together represent Love, Perfect Yin Yang, and Excellent Feng Shui. You will love the copper art which is finished in an antiqued-wash. In each bracelet are six high-powered magnets, three on each side. Each magnet measures 2,000 to 3,000 gausses.

Please Note:  Magnetic bracelets should not be worn by young children, pregnant women, and people with electrical implants, pacemakers or insulin pumps.

Dragons are known for Strength, Vitality, Fertility, Protection, Energy, Power and Male Energies.
The Phoenix is known for the Sun, Element Fire, Rebirth, Resurrection, Beginning Anew and Female Energies.

Together They Symbolize:

  • Success in Marriage
  • Success in Love
  • Strong Family
  • Harmony - Perfect Yin Yang
  • Lasting Love
  • Peace
  • Perfection
  • Beauty
  • Magnificence
  • Grand Ceremony
  • Prosperity & Success in all you do

The Dragon & Phoenix are used in Feng Shui

  • For Success in Business/Career, place in your workplace.
  • For Success in Marriage & Love, place in your bedroom
  • Give to Newly Wedding Couple for Long Marriage
  • Give to Struggling Couple for Blessings of Love & Success
  • Give to Young Couples who wish to have a Child
  • House Warming Gift for Blessings in the Home

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