Potbelly Pentagram Cauldron and Lid 4.5 inch

Potbelly Pentagram Cauldron and Lid 4.5 inch

A powerful combination of metal and symbols

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Pentagram Potbelly Cauldron

Skillfully crafted cast iron

Combining the protective powers of the pentacle and of iron, this cauldron packs a serious punch. This traditionally witchy design has three legs and a classic potbelly, making it perfect for your spellcrafting needs. Excellent choice for your brewing, potions, smudging, and incense.

This cast iron potbelly cauldron has a raised pentagram design on the center. The pentagram, or pentacle, has long stood as one of the most powerful protective inscriptions. Paired with iron, one of the seven noble metals this cauldron is long on style and on substance. Also great for burning tea lights and incense, and perfect for votive candles because the potbelly shape will allow all wax to burn not wasting any! The lid is included and the cauldron measures approximately 4.5 by 5 inches (11.4 by 12.7 cm).

Pentacles are associated with:

  • Protection
  • Wiccan Traditions
  • The Elements
  • The Five Senses
  • Witchcraft and Magic

Note: Made specifically for use in preparation of rituals and spells; not to be used for cooking. The cauldron is fire safe but will become very hot to the touch so caution is warranted.


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