Potbelly Triple Moon Cauldron

Potbelly Triple Moon Cauldron

Traditional Witches' Style!

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Triple Moon Potbelly Cauldron

Unleash the power of the Goddess!

This cast iron potbelly cauldron features a raised Triple Moon design in the center. This traditional, three-legged pot includes lid and and carrying handle making it excellent for out door or traveling altars. A perfect accessory for the Green Witch! Each measures approximately 7 by 7 inches (17.8 by 17.8 cm). The handle on Lid is welded on not cast.

Made specifically for use in preparation of your rituals and spells, this cauldron is great for candles, incense, smudgings, and more. Prepare ritual brews or oils in this lovely pot. Votives burn especially well in this style cauldron. The stylish, traditional pot is also a beautiful centerpiece for decoration and doubles as a charming offering bowl.

Triple Moons represent:

  • The Divine Feminine
  • The Phases of the Moon
  • Life's Cycles
  • The Maiden, Mother, and Crone

Note:Made specifically for use in preparation of rituals and spells; not to be used for cooking. Minor imperfections as a result of the cast iron process (e.g., visible seams, minor discoloration in areas) are possible.


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