Prayer Feathers

Prayer Smudge FeatherPrayer Feathers for Protection, Healings and Blessings

The legend is to take your prayer feather in hand and whisper your prayers, energy, needs... filling the feather with them.

There was a time when the prayer feathers were tied to a tree branch or someplace outside where Brother Wind could touch it. Each time Brother Wind moves, your feather moves also, and your prayers, dreams and hopes are carried with Brother Wind to Grandfather. It was also said that the prayer feather also reaches out to others. Whenever anyone sees it blowing, his or her hopes and dreams are carried to Grandfather too. The native phrase, MI TAKAYE OYACIN, (We are all of one blood - all related) can be spoken in the ceremony to signify unity.

You may also wish to hang your Prayer Feather at the entrance of your home allowing good and positive to enter and exit with each person.

I design many of these Prayer Feathers to be used in healing and smudging ceremonies. You may want to use your Prayer Feather for the same. A brief description: Fan the smoke over and around a person, cleansing and driving away negative energy. Imagine it as a comb, if you will, you are fanning/combing with the feather to smooth out and remove negatives and blockages.

Also, as in healings, you may use the feather to direct the smoke where you want it to go.

Our Prayer Feathers, made here at 13 Moons, are found on this page.

I have further detailed information in this section for Smudging if you would like to read more about Smudging. To cleanse your Prayer Feather, use smudge of sage or allow Brother Wind to assist.

As I make each prayer feather, I attempt to have each one balanced; when posed on your finger you may see you are able to balance your Prayer Feather. Mi Takaye Oyacin - Sandy