Alder Elder Futhark Runes

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Spalted Alder Celtic Rune Set
Stunning Natural Wood

You'll love these handcrafted runes! Made of Alder, a powerful magic wood sacred to the Celts, these runes have a natural and earthy energy, great for the Green Witch and anyone whose practice involves an Earth Element. Alder wood is associated with Ostara. It is also identified with Apollo, Astarte (Aphrodite), Arianrhod, Odin, Lugh, and Branwen, among others. Early Anglo-Saxon mythology also linked Alder with the legendary King Arthur and Lady Guinevere. According to Celtic Tree astrology Alder governs those born between mid March and mid April.

For centuries runes have been used for divination, protection, and magic. With an exalted place in some traditions, runes can be incorporated into rituals and spells to amplify magic or shield you from negativity. The wood grain and spalting (natural coloration) on these runes makes them wonderful to look and easy to read. Featuring the Elder Futhark runic alphabet, this set contains 25 tiles (the traditional 24 and one blank).  Each set includes a drawstring bag for storing and cleansing your runes.

Your set includes:
  • 25 Natural Wood Tiles: 24 of which are hand carved and 1 blank.
  • Drawstring Pouch for Travel, Storage and Protection. (Color may vary.)

Alder Magic is associated with:
  • Faeries
  • Power
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety
  • Ending Fear
  • Protection
  • Dealing with What You Need to Deal With
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Releasing Unwanted Things in Your Life
  • Success in Business & School

In Anglo-Saxon English and Old Norse, the word Rune meant secret law, mystery, and magical signs. Rune Masters, who could be male or female, were considered to be the most important people in the community next to the village chief. Identified by their deep blue cloaks and leather charm pouches which they wore at their belts, the Rune Masters would normally carry a bronze-tipped wooden staff carved with runic inscriptions to show their power and status.

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