Bitch Be Gone Oil

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Wicked Witch Bitch Be Gone Mojo Oil

by Dorothy Morrison

"You're a bonafide ass I've had enough of the trouble you've caused, so I'm calling your bluff. So pack up your crap and get out of my sight. I'll throw a party, because bitch, you'll be gone." ∼ Dorothy Morrison

Some general uses for this product: Use in your laundry, add to your floor wash, put some in your shoes, or a diffuser. For your altar or to anoint objects. Blends are skin-safe.

Handcrafted with a musky and sweet scent. Each oil is poured into a 10 ml (1/3 ounce) bottle with euro dropper.

Blended for:

  • Banishing troublemakers
  • Cleansing negativity from your life
  • Protection
  • Clearing unwanted attachments

From Dorothy Morrison:
"Bitch Be Gone should never be used as perfume. It's not that it will harm your skin. Instead, the magical properties of this oil is designed to be used in regard to the removal of unsavory folks and situations - and in the case of the latter, to curse or cross someone up. That said, applying them to your body is not a good idea. Instead, use this oil to dress candles and poppets, and anoint petitions related to the intentions described above. Bitch Be Gone may also be used on outer door knobs to keep unwanted guests away, placed on the fence lines of nasty neighbors, or used in an area where the target will have to sit, stand, walk, or drive."

Please Note: Not for internal use.

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