Bittersweet Wand -13 Inches

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Bittersweet Wand
Solanum dulcamara

This is a Ritual Magick Wand pagan made of Bittersweet. It measures approximately 13 inches and is rubbed with a natural beeswax/oil blend for protection. The wand you see in the photograph is the wand you will receive.

Wood is traditionally used for a Ritual Magick Wand. Magick wands are considered the Air or Fire Element depending on your personal practice. 13 Moons Pagan Made Wands are made from a fallen tree branch, a vibrational and spiritual gift of nature. Use your wand to help you center and direct your personal power. You can use your wand for collecting and storing energy; directing your magic; releasing energy as well for ceremonies to cast out evil and negatives.

This wand was gathered and crafted at 13 Moons for your magickal spell crafting and rituals. We gather fallen branches for the sacred wand wood selection you find at 13 Moons. No trees were harmed in the making of your ritual altar wand.

You can further accent and personalize your Ritual Wand if you wish.

If you purchase a wand bag, we suggest one an inch longer than the wand.

Magickal Associations of Bittersweet:

  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Beauty
  • Faeries
  • Remove Hexes, Spells & Jinxes
  • Air Magic
  • Banishing
  • Adds Power to your spells, rituals and magick when used on New Moon

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