Black Onyx Pentacle Raven

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Hand Carved Raven with Pentacle

Crafted from Black Onyx, each raven measures approximately 1.5 inches and features golden eyes and a hand painted silver encircled pentacle. Placed upon any shelf, table as well as your altar he will grace you with his strong energy. 

Each raven is hand made, please allow for minor imperfections.

In many cultures Black Onyx has long been a stone of new beginnings and regeneration. It is a powerful stone for grounding, protection and is used to help a person shed negative emotions. This gemstone is especially supportive in times of stress, grief and confusion. It also has a calming effect and aids the wearer in overcoming bad emotions, thoughts, and unpleasant situations. Black Onyx is also good to use when you want to let go of former relationships and letting go of the past. 

  • Element: Fire
  • Direction: West
  • Planet: Mars & Saturn

These are excellent gifts for anyone - any age!

Ravens are known for courage, maintaining secrets, encouraging health and wellness and unlocking wisdom. Ravens are the Shape Shifted forms of the Goddess ~ Especially Morrigan, Rhiannon and Nantosuelta. They were considered oracles due to their distinctive voices. They were called Cathubodua or the "Raven of Battle" in many Celtic myths. Place your raven's prophetic presence upon your windowsill and call upon the Goddess and desires you hold within.


  • Enchanting addition for any space
  • Great gift
  • Excellent for your altar
  • For Raven Collection
  • Add art to any room

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      Wendy Jones
      Black onyx raven

      I absolutely love it it's so perfect for me I absolutely luv nature n animals I just felt an instant connection with this piece I am thankful for the quality of this piece thank you

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