Celtic Triple Horse Triskelion Necklace

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Sterling Silver Celtic Triple Horse Triskelion Pendant

Throughout ancient times the horse was the most sacred and honored of creatures. Thought to be a bridge between the material and spiritual world, the horse represents an intuitive bond between the two realms.

The threefold images of the horse symbolize different aspects of belief revered throughout the Celtic tribes:

  • First is that of the horse, intelligent and independent. The horse has a mind of its own and proves this time and time again to those who try to impose their will upon it.
  • The second horse denotes the human aspect. How one treats and interacts with the horse shows the nature of the individual.
  • The third image symbolizes the horse as Divine Consciousness; a link to Epona, the Celtic Goddess of all Equines.

To the ancients, the horse was far more than a beast of burden; the horse was viewed as the sacred Ambassador to the Epona, the Celtic goddess of horses, as was believed to walk between the worlds of man and divinity. It was not unheard of that a rider would allow the horse to wander freely with absolute trust. Guided by the will of Epona, it would bring the rider to their ultimate destiny. The connection between the horse and its rider is one of mystic communication, each "feeling" the other. This bond can only be created through mutual trust and awareness. This connection was called a "Divine Accord", and the rune Ehwaz was used as a talisman to strengthen it.


Celtic knotwork is representative of Irish, Welsh and Scottish heritage, and is symbolically a representation of the infinite nature of the cycles of life. The horse was revered by the Celts as a representation of victory, grace and longevity, and is sacred to the Goddess Epona.

Each .925 Sterling Silver Celtic Triple Horse Pendant measures approximately 1.2 inches/31 mm. Your pendant includes a 24 inch black cotton cord; style will vary.

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Items were of great quality!

Everything in my order was awesome! The Celtic triple horse necklace was awesome! It was a good size, felt nice in my hand, and very detailed. Very true to the photo. It will look nice anytime and anywhere!

Etsy Customer
This item is beautiful.

This item is beautiful. It was a little smaller than I thought but, I love it. It came well wrapped and arrived quickly.

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