Compelling Bath Salts

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Compelling Crystal Salts

2 ounce Crystal Salts for Bath, Laundry and Floor Wash are made with essential oils, natural base oil, herbs, roots and/or resins.

Compelling Crystal Salts can be used for:

  • Commanding/Demanding What you Want
  • Taking Charge
  • Legal Matters
  • In Business Matters to compel customers to come in, shop and buy.
  • In Business Matters that you are chosen for new opportunities, raises, bonuses, etc
  • Use with Crown of Success Salts to compel the success you are working on.
  • Use with Money Draw candles and spells to compel the cash you need whether pay day or gambling day.
  • Use with Come To Me candles and spells to compel him or her to come to you.
  • Become Powerfully Irresistible
  • Gain Interest and Attraction in those you want to notice; whether a business opportunity, a relationship, customers, etc.
  • Win Arguments.

Crystal Salts are known for blessings, protection, purification, cleansing and more. We have blended herbs, roots and/or essential oils to create the intended use described here. Use in your bath and in your floor wash.

  • Bath: Add 1/2 of the bag to your bath water before a ritual to reverse negatives and bring about the intentions you require.
  • Floor Wash: Dissolve 1/4 to 1/2 of the bag in warm water to remove evil and negatives and to draw in what you need.

Take charge of the changes you want and need by using nature's gifts we have harnessed for you to be wyld with the elements and deities.

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