Beaver Wand - 15 Inches

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Beaver Chewed Wand

We often watch the beavers on the land we share with themswimming out to gather more wood for their hut or the dams. From time to time a beaver chew stick is left behind from which I gather and craft for your magickal spell crafting and rituals

This handcrafted, magical Beaver wand is approximately 15 inches. It has been coated and rubbed with a natural beeswax and oil blend for protection. The wand you see in the photograph is the wand you will receive.

Wood is traditionally used for a Ritual Magick Wand. Magick wands are considered the Air or Fire Element depending on your personal practice. 13 Moons Pagan Made Wands are made from a fallen tree branch, a vibrational and spiritual gift of nature. Use your wand to help you center and direct your personal power. You can use your wand for collecting and storing energy; directing your magic; releasing energy as well for ceremonies to cast out evil and negatives.

You can further accent and personalize your Ritual Wand if you wish.

If you purchase a wand bag, we suggest one an inch longer than the wand.

Magickal Associations of Beavers:

  • Working together, Harmony & Unity
  • Protection
  • Success
  • Planning & Getting through Obstacles
  • Gathering & Building
  • Resourceful & Persistence
  • Solve Problems
  • Never give up on to your visions and dreams
  • Creative

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