Crystal Witch

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The Crystal Witch

The Magickal Way to Calm and Heal the Body, Mind, and Spirit

By Leanna Greenaway & Shawn Robbins 

The authors of the bestselling Wiccapedia, and creators of the successful Modern-Day Witch series, provide an in-depth guide to crystal craft, and the magickal properties behind individual stones. The Crystal Witch includes a twelve page four-color insert on 20 essential crystals!

In their follow-up to the popular Wiccapedia and other books in the Modern Witch series, Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway offer readers an authoritative, in-depth guide to crystal magick and spells. They explain how crystal craft works; how to choose and collect magickal stones; and how to care for, charge, program, and house your crystals. They provide information on crystal circles, wands, and sabbats, as well as an A–Z list of the most commonly used crystals and their magical properties. Spells cover everything from protection, healing, and mindfulness to blessings and divination. Readers will learn how to incorporate crystals and gemstones into daily rituals and enhance their lives with healing crystal magick.

Learn how to use these crystals for:
  • Amethyst: Helping a child sleep
  • Black Obsidian: Banishing evil spirits and removing unwanted people from your life
  • Citrine: Attracting money
  • Fire Agate: Spicing up passion
  • Fluorite: Personal protection when you’re out and about
  • Hematite: Blessing a home
  • Kunzite: Finding true love
  • Turquoise: Protection while driving


You will find within The Crystal Witch:
Part I What is a Crystal Witch:
  • Crystal Management
  • The Crystal Toolkit
  • A-Z Crystal Guide
  • Everyday Crystal Spells


Part II Explore More Crystal Magick
  • Crystals & The Moon
  • Crystals for Divination
  • Reiki for Well-being
  • Connect with Your Spirit
  • Crystals through the Year


Hardcover | 304 Pages

About the Authors:

Shawn Robbins is the author or coauthor of five books, including The Good Witch (coauthor), Wiccapedia (coauthor), which is now used as a reference guide in many online Wicca schools, and the Wiccapedia Journal. She has taught classes about herbs, health, and healing at the New York School of Occult Arts and lectures extensively throughout the country on these subjects.

Leanna Greenaway is a popular British clairvoyant who has appeared on TV and radio. She is the author or coauthor of numerous books, including Wiccapedia (coauthor) and Simply Tarot, and was a columnist for UK Fate & Fortune Magazine. She lives in the UK, and you can follow her on her YouTube channel.

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Harlee Kramer
Cute and informative

I love this book! It has cute pictures of crystals and good information for each of them and their properties. Great for my book collection

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