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Frigga Statue in Bronze

Frigga sits with her baby son asleep in the basket beside her. At her feet is her sacred goose and the lamb from which she obtains wool for spinning clothing for the Lords. She holds a spindle and a spinning wheel staff with handspun yarn.

The detail from hair to braid, dress accessories, handspun wool, sleeping baby and animals is exquisite. Your Frigga Statue is crafted of bronze with antiqued finish and hand-painted details. This is a beautiful statue in any setting and decor as well as a unique gift for a wedding or a new family.

Frigga is known for:

  • Love
  • Marriage & Sacred Unions
  • Married Women
  • Destiny
  • Skies
  • Motherly Love
  • Childbirth
  • Fertility
  • Weaver of Clouds granting sunshine and rain
  • Weaver of Fates
  • Seer of the Future; unable to change it


Norse Goddess Frigga, also known as Frigg, is the most important Goddess in the Norse pantheon. Wife of Odin, she was the only one, besides him, to sit upon the high throne Hlidskjalf. Tall and beautiful Frigga preferred to remain in her own palace, called Fensalir, the hall of mists or of the sea, where she diligently twirls her wheel or distaff, spinning golden thread or weaving long webs of bright colored clouds. This marvelous jeweled spinning wheel shines brightly in the night sky in the shape of a constellation known in the North as Frigga's Spinning Wheel, while inhabitants of the South called the same stars Orion's Girdle.

She measures 8 1/8 inches high. Crafted of Cold Cast Bronze Resin with hand-painted details.

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Goes with my Odin and Freya statues; 💜

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