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Handcrafted, long burning, unscented pillars by 13 Moons' Ritual Candle Maker.

Please choose from the drop down menu for your solid color pillars as well as Beeswax Pillars. For your rituals, ceremonies, home, altar and gifting, we offer:

  • 3x6 inch Beewax
  • 2 x 3.5 inch Beewax
  • 3x6 inch An array of solid colors. Each handmade pillar is solid color, not dipped over white.

Pigment may vary slightly from photo in each freshly made batch.

Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to .25 inch to enable better burning quality and time.

Our pillar candles will create the mood you intend with a warm ambiance whether for business, home, rituals or celebrations. Each is crafted with quality wax and pure solid color, not dipped over white. 

An unscented candle allows you to empower by anointing with oils, herbs and energy. Unscented and clean burning which is perfect for those with allergies or sensitivity to fragrances. Burn singly or cluster with other colors for a beautiful presentation of color and intriguing glow. Lovely on any tabletop and easy to decorate with by sprinkling a few greens, flower blossoms, baubles, etc. We offer an array of colors to match any décor, setting and ceremony.

Color Magick: 

Black: Element: Earth, Planet: Saturn
Known for Power, Banishment, Dispel and Banish Negatives and Evil, Absorbing Negativity and Evil, Protection, Binding, Habit Breaking, Meditation, Stop Frustrations and Irritations; Sorrow; Grief, Magickal, Mystical, The Unknown, The Dark, Fears, Sleep, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Sadness, Dispel Fear, Aid in Ridding Depression, Rid of unwanted relationship(s), Use to help when you are feeling at a loss or confused, Banish illness, Break Hexes and for Exorcism.

Blue: Element - West/Water; Planet: Jupiter
Known for: Sky; Ocean/Water Magick, Like Water: ebb and flow of Feelings & Emotions, Balance, Devotion, Healing, Patience, Meditation, Compassion, Magick Knowledge, Sleep, Guard against Nightmares, Devotion, Prophetic Dreams, Contemplation, Success, Guidance, Understanding, Health

Green: Element - Earth/North & Water/West; Planet:Venus
Known for Fairies; Nature, Earth, Plants, Herbs, Food, Trees, Animals, Fertility, Growth, Renewal, Healing, Regaining Health/ Strength, Harvest, Abundance, Balance, Herb Magick, Harmony, Confidence, Prosperity, Wealth, Money, Love, Luck, Hope, Peace, Balance, Emotions, Stamina, Sympathy, Rid of Jealousy and Greed, Physical Matters on Earth; Practical and Material Matters.

Orange: Sun/Solar; Leo; Aries
Known for Quick Action, Adaptability, Authority, Stimulation, Luck, Fire, Energy, Attraction, Good Luck, Encouragement, Career, Legal, Justice, Sooth, Ambition, Charm, Creativity, Growth, Kindness, Fertility, Confidence, Self Confidence; Success, Abundance, Personal Needs, Prosperity, Parties, Feasts, Celebrations, Investment, Joy, Peace of Mind, Independence, Self-Value; As with fire; use with caution.

Pink: Venus, Heart, Love, Friendship, Romance, New Relationships, Gentle, Tender, Mend Disagreements, Attract Soul Mate, Honor, Goodness, Emotional Love, Harmony, Tenderness, Care, Trust, Nuture, Family, Child Protection, Heal Emotions, Youth, Calm Sleep, Spiritual Satisfaction

Purple: Element of Spirit, Jupiter, Divination, Prophecy, Spirituality, Psychic, Counters Negatives, Reverses Curses & Jinxes, All Magick, Angels, Meditation, Secrets, Clarify, Grief, Remembrance of deceased, Compassion, Power, Spiritual Power, Inspire, Power, Astral Travel, Balance and Harmonize Depression, Ambition, Healing Deadly Diseases, Improve Business, Boost Personal Magickal Powers, Psychic Healing, and much more.

Red: Element Fire; Mars
Known for Love, Passio, Energy, Sexual Passion, Desire, Attraction, Courage, Determination, Impulse, Quick Energy, Independence, Survival, Fertility, Self-Love, Strength, Insight, Willpower, Physical power, Physical skill, Physical health

White: Element - Spirit; Moon/Lunar
Known for Goddess; Truth, Sincerity, Spirituality, Psychic Development and Abilities, Sincerity, Divination, Channeling, Meditation, Inspiration, Protection, Peace, Purification, Cleansing, Calling on Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Divination, Wisdom, Prophecy, Consecration, Healing, Angels, Vision, New Beginnings, Birth, Marriage. White is a neutral color, can be used to replace or in substitute of another color.

Yellow: Element - East/Air
Known for Sun/Solar; Trade, Study, Knowledge, Concentration, Meditation, Creating, Crafting, Imagination, Wisdom, Changes, Adapting, Career, Business, Psychic Development, Visualizing, Magick, Communication; Joy, Happiness, Confidence; Clearing Mind/Thoughts, Counseling, Chase evil and negativity away

Hand-Crafted 100% Pure Beeswax Votive Candles: Bees are thought of as messengers to the Gods and Goddesses. Use your pure beeswax candles for Magick, Spiritual, Animals and Healing, Study, Earth, Home and more. 

Warning: The hot wax of natural beeswax adheres and burns skin more than regular candle wax. Personal Experiences from 13 Moons!

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Vonn von
Size matter

I love the size of these pillar candles. I will purchase again. Thanks!!

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