Home Cleansing and Purifying Kit

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Home Cleansing and Purifying Kit
High Quality Items For Cleansing and Clearing

Your set is conveniently packaged in a sturdy black cardboard box, which can be used to store your cleansing set for future use. Measures 12 x 9 x 2 inches.

Your set includes:

  • Instructions for Cleansing/Purifying
  • Handmade 2 x 3 inch White Sage Candle made/w Essential Oils and Herbs
  • Large Wildcrafted Sacred White Sage Stick
  • Clam Shell - Hand Gathered from Maine's shore
  • Hand-painted Osprey Feather (various styles; may differ from photo)
  • 13 Moons Home Cleansing Misting Spray
  • Black Onyx Tumbled Stone
  • Sea Salt

An exclusive 13 Moons Altar Set made for your rituals and celebrations.

Information on the Meaning and Uses of the Home Cleansing and Purifying Kit and Tools
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Sacred White Sage Candle: This candle is crafted in a ritual setting and blessed for your use. Each candle is 2 x 3 inches and made with white sage essential oil and sacred white sage which is respectfully harvested. You can use this candle to light your sage stick.

Sacred White Sage Bundle: Your sage stick is respectfully and sustainably harvested. Each is wild-crafted and made into large herb stick for your spell-craft, cleansing, and purification rituals. This is your main tool for cleansing since it is what will give off the purifying smoke for your ritual.

Maine Seashore Clam Shell: We collect the large clam shells along the coast of Maine where the waves wash them upon the shore. You can use this shell to hold under your sage stick while it burns. Touched and blessed by the ocean tides, air, sun, rain and moon these clam shells lend cleansing and protection to your rituals.

Hand Painted Osprey Feather: Each feather is hand-painted (not air brushed) to be used for cleansing and other crafts. You can use this feather to fan your smoldering sage stick to keep the embers alight while performing your rituals. Your feather can also be used for moving energy in ceremonies as well as chakra balancing.

Home Cleansing Misting Spray: Your handmade 13 Moons cleansing spray is made with a unique recipe of essential oils including white sage essential oil and lavender essential oil. This is a quality spray for cleansing any space. Keep your home energized between cleansing rituals with this wonderful misting spray.

Black Onyx Tumbled Stone: Black onyx is known for absorbing negative energy, cleansing, grounding, bringing courage and much more. Place your stone in a special area in your home or carry it with you to absorb any negativity.

Sea Salt: Sea salt is traditionally used for purification, cleansing, protection and blessings. Sprinkle it at entrances in your home or sacred space to ward off negativity.

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