Wishes and Protection Set

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Wishing Ball & Protection Magic Set

Decorate your home and hearth with the Milkweed and Pine Cone Ornaments, use for your rituals, ceremonies, gift giving and spell crafting. Plant the milkweed and pine seeds to continue the magick!

Your set includes:

  • Hand painted Mandala dot art ornament filled with milkweed fluff
  • Two Milkweed Pods Halves
  • Milkweed Seeds
  • Pine Cone Décor/Ornament
  • Pine Seeds
  • Small Pine Branch

Mandala Dot Art Ornament:

Filled with milkweed fluff. I did not seal the ornament, therefore you can use the fluff for spell work, to add to dream pillows for dreaming of the Faerie-folk, allow it to float away in the wind as you make a wish or leave as is for your decoration all year long. The mandala art has been sprinkled with glittery fairy dust. Each ornament will vary from photos; they measure approximately 3.14 inches in diameter and are made of shatterproof durable plastic. Colors of the mandala art work are blues and purples and may remind one of Evil Eye art. Each is hand painted - please expect slight flaws.

Milkweed Pod Halves:

Are unadorned in their natural state. Use for spell work, to create decorations, ornaments or add to flower arrangements.

Packet of Milkweed Seeds:

Approximately 11 seeds for planting. The flower's aroma is spectacular! Plant seeds for hummingbirds, moths and butterflies. Milkweed is the plant monarch butterflies lay eggs on - let's help save the monarchs! You can easily find instructions on how to grow milkweed. Some magicians sow them on Winter Solstice.

Pine Cone:

Gathered from our woodlands at 13 Moons. Each cone is decorated with a double faced blue satin ribbon which accents the coloring of the Mandala Dot Art Ornament. The pine cone can be used for décor, spell work, rituals or an ornament also. Some pine resin may be on the cone, great for spell work.

Packet of Pine Seeds:

actually from the pine cone ornament in your set (you may find more hidden in your cone). Approximately 13 seeds per packet. Plant to grow your pine forest. You can easily find instructions on how to germinate and grow pine trees.

Small Pine Branch:

Please Note: The needles are green when packed into the set. When you receive, the needles may be turning brown or have turned brown, as they naturally will. Nevertheless, you can use in your spellcrafting and rituals. My branch hangs at my front door and has turned brown but still full of protection. Some pine resin may be on the branch, great for spell work.

Milkweed Magical Associations:

  • Wishes
  • Transformation
  • Summer Solstice
  • Harvest months
  • Divination
  • Protection
  • Meditation

Pine Magical Associations:

  • Luck
  • Happiness
  • Protection
  • Purification
  • Longevity
  • Balance
  • Money
  • Prosperity
  • Exorcism

You will be one of the first to own one of my Mandala Dot Art Ornaments! I have dabbled in many different crafts over the years - this is a new one and I hope you enjoy! Expect flaws as each is mandala dot art ornament is free-hand painted.

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