Midnight Passion Oil by 13 Moons

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Midnight Passion - Shadow Craft Oil and Herb Blend by 13 Moons
Skin-safe, ready-to-use magickal ~ spiritual oils

Made here at 13 Moons with essential oils, natural oil base, herbs and colors for your specific desires, wishes and wants - all that is needed is you! Use for anointing, dressing and blessing!

Crafted with essential oils of Myrrh, Rose, Patchouli, Clove, and Heather Flowers.

Midnight Passion Oil can be used for:

  • Stepping up the Passion a notch or two
  • Love and Romance Potion
  • Anointing your body and his/her's
  • Walks at Midnight 
  • Opening your heart
  • Vitality
  • Attract and Delight

Each is prepared in a .33 ounce glass vial with roller ball for ease of application.
For external use only.

Please Note: The natural ingredients may settle to the bottom of the bottle. If this occurs, simply swirl, lightly shake or roll in palms to mix the herbs, resins, essential oils and natural coloring before using. We prefer the 'rolling in palm' method as we are adding our warmth and energy to the oils.

Customer Reviews

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Nina Simms
Smells amazing

I have almost every bottle this company has each and everyone of them smells amazing and lasts a long time

Wendy Wilkins
Midnight Passion is spectacular!!

I love all the different oils! This one especially works very well with my pheromones & i can hardly keep my bf off of me lol. Its all good tho bc i mix n match with all of them & you just cant screw up the scents! They work so well together!! 13 Moons is by far my favorite shop ever!!! Blessed Be!


Smells so good. Can't wait to use it. Love this shop and will be back again in the future. Great customer service and fast shipping each and every time.

Etsy Customer
This is def an amazing date night perfume

This is def an amazing date night perfume

Etsy Customer
So spicy and smells like a vampire I'm

So spicy and smells like a vampire I'm obsessed!!!

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