Nightbane Athame

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Nightbane Ritual Athame
with Ornate Sheath

For those that walk the liminal spaces where we are betwixt and between of that which is normal and that which is not. This hauntingly beautiful athame is fitting for the shadow side of the craft or for those who are looking for a darker ritual blade.

The Nightbane Ritual Athame features an ornate gunmetal finish pommel, cross-guard and ferrule which looks like swirls of mist hiding in the shadows. The grip is a sleek polished midnight black and easy to grip. The blade itself has an intricate design accented with a pentacle just below the cross-guard. And to protect your athame is a stunning sheath that has a raised relief design to match the design on the blade. A perfect ritual tool for those who walk with the shadows.

  • Braided brass metal grip
  • Stainless steel double-edged blade
  • Brass pommel and guard
  • Black sheath with brass tip guard
  • Blade measures approximately 8.5 inches (21.59 cm) and 14.5 inches (36.83 cm) over all.

Please Note: No shipment to Spain, UK, Australia, Italy, Brazil, France, Greece, or Chile. Customs will remove all blades in your package.

Customer Reviews

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Etsy Customer
super pretty and high quality!

super pretty and high quality!

Rachael M
Very beautiful, just wish the engraving on the blade was easier to see

Absolutely gorgeous dagger and sheathe, only complaint is I wish that the engraving on the blade itself was easier to see and the Made in China label being so easy to read instead of the actual engravings

Bunny Itzkowitz
Very nice ritual item

I am very please with the quality and appearance of this Athame. It is large the blade is very attractive, not sharp so safe for ritual work and looks beautiful on my alter.

Etsy Customer
The blade is beautiful the handle although

The blade is beautiful the handle although plastic dies not have obvious seems or marks from the mold the weight is substantial. It is larger than I expected even after reading the description but that is not bad at all. It is a nice addition to my alter and I am looking forward to using in my craft

Etsy Customer
This athame is gorgeous, has a nice weight to is,

This athame is gorgeous, has a nice weight to is, and the detail is amazing. Lovely addition to my altar.

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