Raven on Skull Water Globe

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Gothic Raven on Skull Water Globe

Quoth the Raven, 'NEVERMORE' ∼ Edgar Allen Poe

For those that love a gothic aesthetic or just want a really awesome piece of art for your altar, this ticks all the boxes. This raven sitting on a skull inside a snow globe (with iridescent glitter) is perfect for your Samhain or Yule décor as well throughout the year! Features skulls on the base of the water globe.

Crafted of poly resin and glass; measures approximately 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Ravens are known for maintaining secrets, encouraging health and wellness and unlocking wisdom. Ravens are Shape Shifted forms of the Goddess ~ Especially Morrigan, Rhiannon and Nantosuelta. They were considered oracles due to their distinctive voices. They were called Cathubodva or "Raven of Battle" in many Celtic myths. Place your raven's prophetic presence upon your altar and call upon the Goddess and the Desires you hold within.

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Beth Livingston
Snow Globe

Packaged impeccablely, kinda small for the price but my daughter loved it.

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