Sardonyx, Black Tumbled Stone

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Black Sardonyx Tumbled Stone

Sardonyx is a variety of onyx which has alternate layers of sard (a variety of chalcedony with colors of iron oxide in various colors of red, brown, green or black) and white chalcedony. These layers create bands with fine layers. A beautiful and unique stone! Black Sardonyx is an absorbing stone.

We pack each stone and label each pack at the time of your order. The price is for per single tumbled stone. Actual stone may vary from photo.

Sizes vary approximately 1 inch.

Sardonyx is known for:
  • Happiness
  • Marriage/Partnerships
  • Love
  • Friends
  • Communication in Relationship
  • Willpower
  • Vigor
  • Fortune
  • Protection in Home (place in corners and at windows and doors)
  • Strength
  • Increase Confidence
  • Self Control
  • Assertiveness
  • Fire Magic
  • Divination by Fire
  • Integrity

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