Smoky Quartz Crystal Ball

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Smoky Quartz Crystal Ball with Display Stand

Deeply Grounding Stone

The smoky quartz sphere is a wonderful choice for those feeling scattered and in need to focus. Known as the Stone of Cooperation, these spheres aid in clearing negativity. Associated with the Root Chakra , smoky quartz helps dissolve negative energies and spiritual blocks. A powerful orb for your sacred space.

Smoky Quartz sphere measures approximately 1.6 inches (40 mm) in diameter. Earth's natural radiation gives the smoky color of golden browns and grays found in Smoky Quartz. Each Smoky Quartz sphere is unique and may vary in color and markings from photo. Your Crystal Ball includes a Display Stand. Please Note: stand may vary from photo.

Smokey Quartz is associated with:

  • Helping Ground and Focus
  • The Crown Chakra
  • The Root Chakra
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Protection
  • Earth Powers
  • Commitment
  • Planning

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Perfect as always! Thank you!

Perfect as always! Thank you!

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