Snow Owl Feather Mini

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Miniature Snowy Owl Quill

Charming painted feather

Whether you love Harry Potter's Hedwig or all owls, this feather will add style to your smudging and decor as well as power to your ritual. The Snowy Owls are known for balance as they can be found in full sunlight or total darkness; for conserving energy; knowing their surroundings and for prophecy.

A Snowy Owl Feather is a very magical addition to your sacred space and ritual. They are very nice to add to your medicine bag, prayers feathers, dream catchers, smudge tools and more.

Measures approximately 2 inches long (5 cm).

Owls are associated with:

  • Focus
  • Vision
  • Secrets and Truth
  • Rebirth
  • Wisdom and Experience
  • Night & Moon
  • Feminine Energies
  • Astral Travel
  • Prophecy

Please Note: These are hand painted turkey feathers, as it is not legal to sell, purchase, or to personally own Owl feathers.

Customer Reviews

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Nakayla Wellington
So cute and tiny!

Such a cute little feather! Keeping this with other feathers I’ve collected. Definitely recommend this!

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