Uncrossing Oil by 13 Moons

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Uncrossing Oil by 13 Moons

Skin-safe, ready-to-use magickal spiritual oils.

Made here at 13 Moons with essential oils, natural oil base and colors for your specific desires, wishes and wants; all that is needed is you! Use for anointing, dressing and blessing!

Uncrossing Oil can be used for:

  • Remove Hexes
  • Remove Spells
  • Remove Jinxes
  • Remove Negatives
  • Crossed Conditions

Each is prepared in a .25 ounce glass vial.

Please Note: For external use only.
We do not accept returns on our oils, pheromones or perfumes due to health and safety reasons.
Please read more on Oils, Perfumes, Pheromone & Body Chemistry.

All 13 Moons Ritual Oils use a blend of sunflower, apricot kernel and sweet almond oils. Over time other natural ingredients may settle. Simply roll between your hands to remix the contents.


Customer Reviews

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Sugar Robinson
The shipping was early. Thank you so much.

I loved the oil's and the chicken fee's. Now I realize that 13 moon store is my # 1 shopping store when I need to shop for other items. Thank you so much .

Lizzy Greenhood
I'm Using This To Fight Internalized Ableism

I am neurodivergent and live with a disabling chronic illness. As a member of a marginalized community, it's very easy to absorb and internalize the prejudices, assumptions and misinformation that abound in society at large. Such internalized negativity and falsehoods certainly create a crossed condition. In conjunction with journaling, meditation, spellwork, therapy and activism, this oil contributes to the many tools I have available to untangle the snarl of thoughts, feelings and assumptions about my value, abilities and ways of understanding and communicating that I still hold within, having taken those burdens on from the environment around me. I wear it to work, use it on candles, and anoint my cane with it. Sometimes I use it along with charms and formulas against the evil eye, especially when I look and act way more fabulous than some dipshit ableist stranger may believe a disabled, autistic weirdo "should" and I just want to browse Wegmans for groceries with out some outraged, nosey twit glaring, staring, and harrassing me about my use of a motorized cart. I would especially recommend this oil for anointing cords for knotting/"untiying" spells, or four boundary work (when someone as "crossed" your personal boundary line and is messing with your mind, your space, your autonomy, or your freedom.) Highly recommend, and will probably order again!

Samantha Adams

Not only does it smell good, but definitely felt better after using it!! Like I didn’t have a black cloud hanging over me.

Etsy Customer
I felt it work instantly!

I felt it work instantly!

Debbie Hajek Norman

Uncrossing Oil by 13 Moons

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