White Sand

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1/4 Pound of White Sand for Your
Ritual and Ceremonial Use

For use in incense burners and bowls as a base to burn your charcoal resins, resin and herb powders, small sage sticks, incense sticks and cones as well as a nice base for candles. The sand will absorb the heat and catches the ash protecting your furniture and altar cloths.

You may also scent your sand with fragrance or essential oils to create a base for sitting your candles or to display in small bowls to have a subtle scent in a room. The sand may also be uniquely displayed in bottles and used in Water Magic and more. Tuck a spell in a bottle and bury with sand for protection.

Sand is associated with:
  • Calming
  • Water Magick
  • Strength
  • Changes
  • Expels Negative Energy

White is associated with:
  • Planet: Moon
  • Element: Spirit
  • Direction: North
  • Chakra: Crown
  • Astrological Associations: Cancer
  • Goddess
  • Truth
  • Spirituality
  • Psychic Development
  • Meditation
  • Inspiration
  • Protection
  • Peace
  • Purification & Cleansing
  • Calling on Spirit Guides
  • Higher Self
  • Wisdom
  • Consecration
  • Angels
  • Vision & Prophecy
  • Birth
  • New Beginnings & Marriage/Uniting
  • Yang

Craft Ideas with Sand:
  • Sand Bottles
  • Sand Painting
  • Sand Casting such as footprints
  • Zen Sand Gardens
  • Dioramas
  • Place in Small Bottles to create Jewelry & Spell Bottles

Customer Reviews

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Glo Mac
White Sand Is Perfect

I use about 3 cups of this fine White Sand in my incense burner. It easily holds stick type incense as well as cones. I sift the ash out with a vintage condiment spoon (!) to keep the sand clear. It looks and works perfectly!

Great experience

Item was exactly what I had ordered and the shipping was fast. A very smooth transaction. Will buy from again in the future.

Cynthia Archer
White sand is great!

I love shopping at 13 Moons for all of my witchy supplies. From sand for my incense burner to candles and oils, this is my go to shop.


Perfect for my incense burner.

White Sand

Very good quality and clean white sand. Perfect amount for what I was looking for. Shipping was fast arriving a lot earlier than expected and great care taken with packaging. Definitely recommend this shop for all you needs.

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