Yellow Aventurine Tumbled Runes

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Yellow Aventurine Rune Set
Allow these stones known for Focus to Aid You

Exquisite runes made of beautiful aventurine. Known as the Focus and Decision Stone, yellow aventurine is a great choice for meditation and divination. This aventurine set is a wonderful choice for seasoned practitioners and anyone who wants to add a new dimension to their divination routine.

Your set features the Futhark runes, a set of 24 carved runes and 1 blank. Set also includes a drawstring bag (colors and styles vary) for storage, protection, and traveling. A perfect gift for someone (including yourself!).

Yellow Aventurine a stone of power is known for:

  • Home/Office Cleansing around your computer and other electro gadgets
  • Balancing
  • Communication
  • Aiding in Grief
  • Giving Compassion
  • Take Charge
  • Power
  • Focus
  • Support in Decisions
  • Support in Changes

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