Protection - Witch's Hand Scrub by 13 Moons

Protect your self against negative energies with 13 Moon's Witch's Protection Hand Scrub!

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You guys are amazing! I just got my 4th order from you and can now safely say without a doubt you guys are THE BEST!! I have gotten everything to order, as ordered, packaged beautifully and with such care!! You are my number 1 spot for anything I need, or anyone else I know, for my craft. For anyone out there with concerns, leave them behind! I've been scammed by other sites and can assure you 13moons will NOT let you down! They care about their customers in ways I've never seen anyone else take the time to. They will even double wrap your candles to avoid melting in hot places like Arizona! Many Blessings to you all! <3
Priscilla Soto
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Protection - Witch's Hand Scrub by 13 Moons

2 ounce jar of Protection Hand Scrub. Each is made here at 13 Moons with essential oils (Basil, Mugwort, Geranium, Pine, Sage and more) sea salt, coconut oil and natural coloring. - all that is needed is you! Rub on hands and feet to create a protective seal against evil spirits, hexes, curses and negative energies, etc.


  • Protection in all matters including hexes, curses, evil spirits, negative energy, uncrossing, etc
  • Protection before doing a spell or ritual
  • Protection everyday
  • May be used on hands and/or feet
  • Sage will give you wisdom as you purify and protect in all ways whether home, family, uncrossing, etc.
  • Basil is known to sooth tempers, harmonize, keep away evil, keep lover true to you, rid bad moods.
  • Mugwort is associated with strength and protection in all that you do
  • Geranium is best known for protection as well as releasing negatives as you balance. This oil is also excellent for healthy skin.
  • Scotch Pine is to aid in centering, purification, used in exorcisms and used for protection.
  • Sea Salt's natural minerals are excellent not only for your skin but also used in blessings, purification and protection.
  • Coconut oil is moisturizing and one of the healthiest oils for your skin; strengthening, purifying and protecting. Added into this blend you have protection in all matters as well as toning and protecting your skin.

To use: Scoop a small amount (size of a dime) with your fingers and rub the entire surface of your hands and/or feet. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
You may say a protection prayer or chant while scrubbing and rinsing.

For external use only.

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