Purple Feather

For writing, incense smudging and other crafts.

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Everything came packaged up very nicely, and quicker than expected. I am being attacked spiritually, and physically. My whole life I have had a gift. Things would just find their way to me. They still do. It became so overpowering for me, I blocked the bad stuff. Now, I believe someone is physically, spiritually attacking me. I am working for protection- from the nameless who is attacking me. Long story short, my body is failing. But my spirit is strong. So with my spirit, and my faith, I will protect and banish the entity feeding off of me. Thank you for the supplies, I will be using them to stop the hatred before it harms anyone else. Thank you for aiding me in my journey.
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Purple Feather Quill

Purple Feather for for Writing, Energy Work, Smudging and other Crafts. To use to write with, simply trim the end at an angle to make your own old-fashioned ink pen. Each feather measures approximately 10 to 12 inches long.
Dye Colors may vary from photo.

Color of Purple is known for healing 6th & 7th Chakras; Power; Ambition; Easing Tension, Spirituality; Healing deadly diseases, Business Improvement; Success; Communicating with Spirits and to boost your own magical powers.

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