Unique Quartz Crystal Cluster #6

Unique Quartz Crystal Cluster #6

Beauty for Decorative Use, Healings, Sacred Space and More.

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Clear Quartz Cluster - One of A Kind

Beautifully conveying the mystery and magic of the earth, this collection of medium crystal clusters puts on display the several wondrous clear quartz crystal formations, presented in the natural clusters from which they "grow." Beautiful from an aesthetic and scientific perspective, the crystal clusters are also wonderful from a spiritual point of view as well.

Within much modern spiritual practice, these crystals are highly regarded for their energetic qualities. They are believed to help attract and store energy, as well as help you filter it and direct it within your practices as you see fit. This makes them of great use to spells and other such rituals, where they can help you empower your spells and otherwise make for wonderful components within your magic.

This high quality crystal formations average approximately 4.5 x 2 inches.

Place them around your home or sacred space to fill your life with the energy that you seek.

This is the cluster you will receive.

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