Quiet Spirit/Ghost Candle

Handmade to Quiet the Spirits in Home or Work Place.

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13 Moons

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Made my Altar to enhance my spells bottles, and wand, Maeve, Queen of the Fairies Statue is in the center, and she is amazing. The two Brigid Statues are on the sides, they both are really well made, and powerful ... hope to add more, and enlarge my Altar, feels so magical, and blessed. 13 Moons is amazing, thank you :)
Glenn Edward Waters
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Handcrafted Candle for Quieting Spirits

Our handcrafted Quiet Spirit/Ghost Candle is part of our Spirit Candle Collection. We have designed these using colors and scents for the specific need in your life with the Spirit World.

Our Spirit Candles are handmade in a ritual setting for your magical ceremony for spiritual work. Use this candle for:

  • Quieting Spirits at Home
  • Quieting Spirits in Any Space
  • Calm and Purify Any Space
  • Bring Peace to Any Space

Each measures approximately 2 x 3 inches with burn time of approximately 20 hours. Your Quiet Spirit/Ghost Candle is crafted on Turtle Island with paraffin wax, cotton wick and scented with Lavender and Ylang Ylang Oil Blend.

Lavender aids in Cleansing, Clearing, Dream Prophecy, Purification and more.
Ylang Ylang is known for Protection, Cleansing, Clearing and More.

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