Raven Ribbon Bound BOS

Raven Ribbon Bound BOS

Handcrafted by Star
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Raven Book Of Shadows

Hand Made by Star Silver Willow

Black faux leather book of shadows is accented with a raised leather raven on the front.
The design of a raven was done by Corey of 13 Moons!

This book is filled with approximately 43 sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch paper and is a replaceable and refillable book of shadows.

The ribbon laced bindings are also the book marks.

The book is finely hand-crafted of leather by Star Silver Willow.
Design is copyrighted by Corey.

Raven is associated with magic, shapeshifting, and creation. Raven is a shape-shift form of the Goddess, especially Morrigan, Rhiannon and Nanosuelta. They were considered oracles due to their distinctive voices. They were called Cathubodva or "Raven of Battle" in many Celtic myths.


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