Revenge - Banish - Protect Poppet

For Binding, Curses, Jinxes, Crossing, Protection, Banishing and More.

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Revenge - Banish - Protect
Spanish Moss Poppet
Handmade by Nokomis for 13 Moons

With locks of Spanish Moss on top; dressed in black, adorned with a large heart and filled with Spanish Moss, the Black Revenge - Banish - Protect Poppet is ready to work with you!

Use Revenge - Banish - Protect Poppet for:

  • Curses
  • Hate Spells
  • Jinxes
  • Binding
  • Crossing
  • Ridding Evil
  • Ridding Negatives
  • Exorcism
  • Dispelling Fear
  • Ridding Unwanted Relationship
  • Ridding Unwanted People
  • Ridding Unwanted Situation
  • Banish Illness

Each poppet is handmade and may vary from the photo. Each measures approximately 6 inches tall.

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